Salon appointment management software

May 22, 2019

When a person opens a salon or a spa business, part of the process is deciding which salon software to use for managing the book keeping details of the business. There are many options out there as far as software for salons, spas, or tattoo shops, but not every software out there includes all the necessary features to run such a business. First of all, a software designed specifically for beauty salon operations must include a calendar module, which is powerful, easy-to-use, and flexible enough to allow all functions of appointment keeping to be performed quickly and easily. An appointment management screen should include a drag and drop capability, allowing users to use the mouse to drag appointments to a different time slot, different stylist or other service provider, or a completely different date. It should also allow the user to update the status of an appointment to indicate cancellation, in progress status, waiting status, allow note to be attached to appointments, and finally, allow the user to easily close an appointment through a checkout screen that allows for payment to be collected for the appointment service, along with purchases of other products. This same appointment calendar screen should provide the ability to quickly look up a customer's history, profile, balance, and more. A good example of such product is the Salon Software by Agnitech, which provides a free trial download from the Agnitech website with no-risk and no obligation.

In addition to the appointment calendar feature, a software for a salon must also include a fully featured point-of-sale module to allow users to capture sales of products and services, process customer returns, capture customer payments, and issue refunds. These are features that should be expected from every salon software, these are not features that a salon operation can live without, these are features that are critical to ensure the success of the entire business. How do such features affect the state of the business you ask? think about a client who comes in for a service or multiple services at the salon, the client had purchased a couple of products on a previous visit, and he/she wants to return one of these previously purchased products for a refund, on the surface, this looks like a straight-forward task, right? not necessarily, although this is not the most complicated example of a scenario of customer/business interaction, but it still poses some difficulties for a salon operator to process the customer checkout. The operator will need to first find out what services were performed on the client, when the products that the customer is returning were purchased, and whether they qualify for a return. How to calculate the remaining balance after the services and the returns are processed, and then keeping track of all these sales, returns, payments, refunds, etc. Imagine all this being done manually without using a software, this process will probably take between 15 and 30 minutes to process just one client. If the salon is busy, there will be customers waiting to be checked out, and if the process of checking out a customer takes this much time, the customers will be standing in line for a long time waiting to be checked out, the result will be customers that are unhappy, late for whatever else they have to do after their visit to the salon, and most likely, these customers will never come back again for a service at this salon. This can become very messy. Now if the salon is using a software that includes a POS module, this whole checkout process can be completed in less than 1 minute, leaving the customers happy, and wanting to return for service again and again. The Agnitech Salon Software has all the features you need to run your salon, spa, or tattoo business, it is affordable, and best of all, it is available for free download and trial for a full 60-days, risk-free, obligation-free.


Why your business needs a Point-of-sale software that is powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use?

May 20, 2019

Do you currently use a software to manage your business? if so, is it saving you the time you expected to save over manual work? whether you are not currently using a software to manage your business, or own a software that is not optimal, these are great reasons to employ a proven point-of-sale software that can save you time, and eliminate or reduce errors. The Agnitech point-of-sale software packages, which include a salon software that is specifically targeted for beauty salons and spas, a restaurant point-of-sale system that targets restaurants, a jewelry POS system that manages a jewelry retail store, a wholesale inventory control software that is targeted for wholesale distributors or wholesale suppliers, a gas station software that is used to manage the back office bookkeeping of a gas station, and other industry specific software.

All these Agnitech software packages include standard features such as employee management, customer tracking, inventory tracking, inventory receiving, purchase order generation, a very powerful POINT-OF-SALE module to process sales, returns, capture payments, issues refunds, discounts, and more. In addition, the standard features list includes many other features such as email marketing, SMS marketing, bar code scanning, receipt printer support, and more. Depending on the type of industry you're in, you can find the right software for your business at

The question regarding why you would need a software to run your business can be easily answered by providing you with the advantages you would gain by using such software. These include time saving for you and your employees when managing inventory, processing sales, looking up history of payments, refunds, customers balance, customer history of purchases, returns, payments, and more. All this information is tracked for you so that you can look it up instantly when you need to look up such information. Imaging having to go through stacks of paperwork in order to find information about a specific customer, and even when you find that paper(s) that contains the information that you need, that will not show you a summary of the balance that the customer has accrued, the total payments made by the customer, the amount of refunds issued to the customer, you will need to manually add up all these amounts in order to come up with these summarized numbers. Imaging being able to press a couple of keyboard keys, and all that information is displayed for you instantly, that alone is a huge reason for using such a software. We offer these software packages at for free use for 60-days. You can download them, use them fully for 60-days to try them before you decide to buy them, without zero-obligation or commitment on your behalf, so why not try them now, risk-free, and judge for yourself, you will be glad you did.

Jewelry Shop Point of Sale software

Feb 20, 2019

As a jewelry retail store owner, you need to keep track of your inventory, process sales, track repairs, and more. A general POS software can help you process sales, take returns, and track your inventory, but it misses a couple important features that are criticial when managing a jewelry type business, you need a software that can track products with characteristics that describe a piece of jewelry type, color, size, and may other natural attributes of the jewelry piece that general retail software do not account for. The other feature that a jewelry point of sale software provides is the repairs module. Most jewelry shops provide a repair service to repair jewelry, where customers bring in their jewelry to be repaired, and leave it in the shop until it is repaired. The jewelry shop owner must be able to track each repair so that he/she can update the owners about the status of their jewelry repair.

A program for a jewelry retail must provide the ability to enter products, add inventory, adjust inventory, create purchase orders, manage customer records, manage customer billing, manage employee records, manage employees schedule, give the ability to users to create invoices, process sales, process returns, enter payments, generate receipts, create repair orders, track repairs, and more. These are the minimum set of features that are critical to have in a pos for a jewelry retail store. These features and more are offered in the Agnitech powerful jewelry point-of-sale program, which is available for download here.

Salon Appointment Management

Feb 14, 2019

When it comes to running a successful salon and spa business, customer satisfaction is key. Customer satisfaction can be attributed to many factors, including good service, convenience, and affordability. One of the most overlooked factors is the customer experience, which is often what will keep a customer coming back to your salon for service, and what keeps him/her away. Many customers complain about the speed in which an appointment can be booked, the helpfulness of the salon staff in quickly handling an appointment situation, and so on. The big question becomes how can the staff or customer service ensure that the booking of an appointment happens quickly and easily? the answer is obviously by using a salon appointment software that makes the process easy and quick, and allows for changes to an appointment to be made seamlessly and as quickly as possible. What is expected of a salon appointment booking system you ask? well, it has to first offer all the features needed to be able to add new appointments, quickly lookup service staff availability on specific days and times, allow appointments to be easily cancelled, deleted, or other changes to them such as moving them to a different time slot, or a completely different day. The software should also be able to link appointments so that a customer doesn't have to pay for each appointment separately. All these features, in addition to allowing an appointment to be quickly checked out for payment, are of utmost importance if a salon operator wants to improve the process of handling customer requests for appointments, and appointment changes. The Agnitech Salon Software is a very powerful and easy to use product for managing salons, spas, tattoo shops, and any other type of business that requires appointment booking and handling.

Gas Station Backoffice Software

Feb 13, 2019

A gas station back-office software is extremely important for tracking the sales, purchases, income, expenses, and price adjustments for a gas station. In addition, a back-office software can track losses in fuel that can be a result of fuel leakage, which if not detected early enough, can result in big fines and penalties from the state and federal government due to anti-pollution laws. I have met several gas station owners who have told me that using such software have saved them a lot of money, and allowed them to see exactly where the money is coming and going. But what makes such a software so useful that it becomes critical for a gas station owner to use one? the answer is depends on the software, and what kind of features it provides. For one, the software has to be able to track the fuel inventory, and be able to produce a reconciliation report that shows losses in the fuel inventory due to leaks and other environmental factors. Even though there is no way to prevent losses in the fuel inventory due to these environmental factors such as dissipation, these losses should be minimal. If the recon report indicates more losses than expected, it indicates there is some leakage problem in one or more of the tanks that are used to store the fuel at the gas station, the owner can then inspect these tanks himself, or have someone inspect them for him/her, and then take care of any leak problems that are found. This could save the owner from having to pay hefty government penalties, and save money by avoiding the excessive loss in fuel.

Another advantage to using such a system is gaining the benefit of tracking sales and purchases of fuel and store products. A back-office software is supposed to allow you to enter or import your daily sales, invoices, payments, expenses, and price adjustments, and should be able to produce reports that summarize this information for any range of dates, so that you have an overview of where the revenue if coming from, and where the expenses are. This information helps a gas station owner target certain areas for improvements in order to increase the profitability of the gas station, and avoid any unnecessary loss in revenue.

The Agnitech Gas Station Back-office software is rich of features that allow you to track all this information, and includes tens of built-in reports that show you all the information that you needs in order to make these improvements, and increase your profits.

This station management software works as a convenience store pos software, for auto repair and gas stations, and best of all, and with the free gas station software download from Agnitech, why not give it a try risk-free, obligation-free, you'll be glad you did. You can download your free 60-day trial right here.


Wholesale Distibution Software Features

Feb 12, 2019

A complete wholesale distribution software must include the following features at minimum:

  1. Ability to enter and maintain the product catalog, which should allow the creation of service products, rental products, and regular products.
  2. The system must be able to maintain the inventory count of every product that is entered. Whenever a product is sold, returned, purchased, or disposed of, the software should automatically keep an updated count of each product.
  3. It must allow for orders to be created and updated.
  4. It must allow the orders to be retrieved for modification and fulfillment purposes.
  5. The software must have a feature to allow users to print a fulfillment list (packing list), and then allow users to enter the fulfillment count so that the system can keep track of what was delivered, and what still remains to be fulfilled.
  6. The software must be able to track customers, their balance, their orders, returns, payments, refunds, and more.
  7. It must provide a way to generate billing statements for customers that are due.
  8. It must be able to send marketing emails and/or SMS messages to customers.
  9. Maintain employees records and work schedules.
  10. Maintain employees work hours in order to accurately calculate pay for hourly paid employees.
  11. Must have the ability to calculate commissions earned by employees based on both, product or fix employee commission rate.
  12. Report generator that includes built-in reports for the most critical reports that help business owners and managers stay on top of things, these reports should provides information about inventory levels, sales, returns, income, profits, commission, and more.

The Agnitech Wholesale Inventory Management Software is an example of such system, and it has a lot more functionality than the basic core functions that are listed above. This software is available for download, which allows you to try it FREE for 60-days, with no obligation.